SEX – A Short Story

His gaze swept over her and she basked in its warmth as one would the suns rays after they emerged from cloudy cover.  She stared at his lips,  full and soft, delicious like swiss spun chocolate.  His kisses starting behind her right  ear and cascading down her neck.  Halting on her collar bone and causing her knees to nearly give up the task of holding her upright. She wrapped her arms around his rock solid waist and ran her fingers up his washboard abs. Lord knew the man had earned every single bit of his fine physique.

Moaning as she attempted to get even closer to him she wrapped her legs around him to prepare for his thrust and she was shaken out of her reverie.

“So is that a yes,” he repeated. “Yes, we should have sex.” Realizing she’d spoken aloud her face burned with shame. Fantasies were one thing but say out loud anything even hinting at the nature of the thoughts she had whenever he was near was unbelievable.  “Maybe if dinner goes really well we shall,”he quipped. Oh God, please open the floor to swallow me whole, she pleaded.

When a few seconds passed and that didn’t occur she finally raised her eyes to his and responded with a subdued, “Yes. I meant yes we should have dinner. Nothing more.” His eyes twinkled as he gazed down into her eyes as if he knew that he could take her right on the oversized desk in her office and she wouldn’t even bother to lock the door.   “Then I will see you tonight at eight.”


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