Accuracy- A Short Story

Firefly was in his zone. The tropical heat on the pleasure boat was perfect for a lethargic afternoon of lazy love making between beautiful people. He looked over at the absolutely stunning curly haired beauty laying on her stomach next to him. If only it were that kind of trip. 
“Here they come.” With that one sentence she snapped him to attention. They both turned their gazes forward to the seven men walking down the steps. They were huddled close to one man in dark shades in the center. Firefly temporarily tuned out the siren at his side. Even Double Tap could not sway his thoughts for the next ninety seconds. 
When they were done. He looked over at her with a wide grin as she packed and began to walk away.
“Say it ain’t so? The great Double Tap has been bested? Not by the lowly Firefly?”
She stopped mid stride and  turned to face him.
“How, pray tell,  have you bested me?” 
He couldn’t believe her question. “Only one of the bodies lying on the beach has your signature two shot kill method. The other six have neat single bullets to the brain. No second bullet to the heart. I win.”
His words seemed to amuse her as she blessed him with one her rare radiant smiles.
“You seem to be under the erroneous impression that quantity matters. The kill order was for one. The others where necessary casualties. So your six pay one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. My one pays a half million. Maybe next time you should concentrate on the accuracy of your aim and not the speed of your outcome. We have two hours before the next set of guards arrive. Is it okay with you if we leave the island now?”
One of these days he was going to beat her.  Unfortunately he had to acknowledge that this was not that day as he started  the ship.

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