Trust Your Gut!

My Mother’s Daughter is a runaway bride.

For the last nine months (or so) I have been hanging my head and trying to justify myself to everyone I know. In August of last year I had a wedding. But I did not marry him. I walked down the aisle and smiled for the camera all the while trying to convince myself that it wasn’t all a huge mistake.

Not three days after our ceremony he proved my decision to be the right one. Nearly every one around me with the exception of my siblings wanted me to stay with him. I could not fully articulate the hundred and five reasons why I had to leave in a way that made them understand. I just knew I couldn’t stay.

I did not feel safe with him. I was slipping into a depression. I knew I could NEVER raise my children with him. There were so many reasons to leave. Finally one day we had the fight to end all fights and I knew that I had made the right decision.

The things he said were the most low down disgusting things you could say a human being. I’m sure even Khan would not have lobbed such insults at Captain Kirk.

Now all these months later I can breathe easier. I’m not worried about what i’m saying, how i’m saying or how i’m breathing. Yes my breathing was sometimes an issue.

In the end not many agreed with my decision but I trusted my gut and I chose to walk away from a situation that was not good for me.

I now strive everyday to make decisions that will fulfill my goals and my happiness. You are the only one who has to live your life. Make decisions that make you happy.

CHOOSE yourself.


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